Moren offers one-for-all solutions for American Program of International Department

We have come to the following reasons of failure in recruiting eligible potential students:
1Fail to take up-to-date marketing measure to admit eligible students.
2No partner school in the states means no actual support from American high school, which means no difference from traditional Chinese high schools. 

No established and mature curriculum to accommodate and prepare Chinese high school students. 


Lacking of advanced management accounts for the loss of students.


Lacking of experienced foreign teachers and training of these teachers. 


Lacking of exchange program mitigates the essential purpose of an international department. 

One-stop college application service,
ensure 100% admission rate of renouned universities.
Moren offers the following solutions to address the fore-mentioned weaknesses:

  • Participation of recruting

    Moren brings a systematic marketing strategy to promote a integral image of American Program

  • Enrollment Control

    Moren establishes reasonable admission requirements to match the ones of American Colleges. The teaching staff assess and evaluate academic and overall performance of applicants.

  • Authenticity

    Moren introduces only American curriculum to adapt Chinese students.

  • Academic

    All American teachers employed by Moren are certificated in the US to teach various American high school curriculums. Moren supervises teaching activites by strict standards. 

  • Double Diplomas

    Students of the American Program will be granted High School diplomas along with local high schools with required academic performance.

  • Extracurriculum

    Moren organized various extracurricular activities in Beijing, Shanghai, as well as in the United States. 

How To Apply

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Fill the application form or dial to speak to a counselor. You can visit our campus and talk to our current students for more insights. A Guide to Study Abroad will be sent to you before departure. Enjoy your ride and the rest is on us!


The International Program of Ningxia No. 2 High School

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