learning about cultures, and becoming international

  • My efforts and challenges are beneficial to my future

    In the past 3 years, I have come to understand how effort and challenge can be beneficial to my future. Reviewing my high school life, I am proud of what I've learned. Besides learning knowledge of different subjects, I've learned how to become a real adult with help from the teachers. I know about honesty, confidence, compassion, and I really appreciate their effort.

  • International education made my American dream come true.

    I can remember that my teachers didn't understand me when I decided to become a student in the international department. As a child, I wished that one day I could go to the USA, and becoming a student in the international department was definitely the best way to make my dream come true. These three years in the international department were the happiest and most memorable time I've ever had. Teachers here are patient and warm. I can remember Matthew's native accent, and Kevin's physics experiments. In the past year at Purdue University, I've changed a lot. I've gone from helpless to calm, from struggling in classes to full marks. All of these changes made me a stronger person. Although studying abroad is not as perfect as I thought, I will continue to do it.

  • Testimonial of Yiran Gong\'s Parents

    In the past 3 years in the international department, teachers not only took the responsibility to give students a traditional education, but also showed students international teaching theories and methods. They respected the children, and taught them according to their aptitude.

  • Testimonial of American teacher

    The largest gap between American class and Chinese class locates on if the teacher would encourage students to express themselves. In my class, interactions with students play an utterly important role. Other than that, I teach them various knowleges including but not limited to American Culture, World History and Geography, and American Football. They will have the same privilege and access to high school classes just as American students do.

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