International study trip could be one of the most valuable investments on your child.

International study trip is a bridge to voice with the world.

The intrinsic value of international study trip

 A study trip is very different from traveling abroad. Learning with an objective and with other students is a better way of getting involved and engaged. 

 Students can improve their English a lot by studying in an American class.

 A smooth transition from Oriental to Occidental prepares students with any future plans. 

 Living with homestay families enables students to get a grip of 360 immersion in American life. 

 Visiting world-acclaimed colleges and universities kindles students’aspiration and motivation towards future. 

 Broader horizon instills confidence and brings in belief to students

 In the end, we foster independent young individuals! 

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Moren Education is accredited by US Department of Education, and certified by China Bureau of Education with all criteria being met.
Service We Offer

   Itinerary of the study trip was mapped out by Moren Education, and can be tailored to meet each partner’s academic needs.

   Students can take same classes with American students to better engage in the education.

   College trips offer students to learn from professors and preview the whole picture of college life.

   No third party or agent are involved to assure best experience.

   Flexible schedule to accommodate school calendar. Moren operates at each link to guarantee smooth sailing.

   High VISA pass rate.

A bird-eye view of the trip
  • 美国西海岸


  • 澳洲


  • Comprehensive security
  • Contingency Plan

    Moren equips each student with a contingency plan in accordance of US Department of Homeland Security.

  • ID Recognition

    Each student will wear a name tag with Moren emergency contact information.

  • Personal Care

    Moren offers coordination specialist and academic counselor to each student.

  • Umbrella Insurance Plan

    The whole study trip will be under the umbrella insurance plan including liability, medical, and dental.

How To Apply

Contact Us

Fill the application form or dial to speak to a counselor. You can visit our campus and talk to our current students for more insights. A Guide to Study Abroad will be sent to you before departure. Enjoy your ride and the rest is on us!


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